Travelling exhibitions

Do you work in a cultural, scientific, artistic or leisure establishment and would like to provide your audiences with fascinating exhibits with a unique aesthetic?

Several of our exhibits are available for rental and installation on your premises!

Conceived entirely by the Château vodou team, our exhibitions are aimed at breaking the numerous clichés surrounding vodou by approaching different themes: African history, remembrance of slave trade, spirituality, philosophy, art history, traditional medicine, open-mindedness…

The Château vodou in Strasbourg is a privately owned museum displaying one of the world’s largest collections of vodou artifacts.

Thus, the available exhibitions feature objects from our reserves: West African art and ritual objects.

This spirituality – both a religion and a way of life – originates from the former kingdom of Dahomey (today Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Nigeria) and is still practised nowadays on several continents. Every exhibit of the museum was once used in the religious and cultural frame of vodou life: healing, divination, birth, marriage, burial, and so on.

Do not hesitate to invite your visitors to discover a relatively unknown culture!

Pirogues - Todjivu

Drawn from our reserves, this exhibition presents a unique selection of boats, pirogues and crocodiles.

Composed of some twenty objects in its original version, this exhibition can easily be tailored to your location.

Allow your visitors, your audiences, to discover a surprising and poetic thematic exhibition on West African cult objects related to water.

Masques Gèlèdè, le pouvoir des mères

More than 50 colorful, animated masks are featured in this thematic exhibition.

Gèlèdè mask ceremonies are rooted in Kétou, Benin. They are held in public places to protect against the Mothers’ wrath and gain their favor. They aim to regulate life in society, convey messages and solve problems such as epidemics, drought and famine.


In addition to these current events, we’ve been working for 3 years with a start-up called Virtual Journey, offering immersive virtual reality experiences. Our partner has been filming 4 vodou ceremonies in Benin, which are now available for hire with VR headsets and a training programme for your staff.


In this way, your visitors will have the opportunity to attend real vodou cults, as if they were in West-Africa:

– Fa divination, a typical vodou geomancy

– Ceremonies regarding Mami Wata, the goddess of the seas

– Rituals linked with the cult of Kokou, the god of war

– A Zangbeto mask ceremony


The voice-over of the several scenarios has been written in collaboration with the scientific team of the museum. You may find further information in the attached description.


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