Encounter with the invisible world

Unique world collection

Visiting the Vodou Museum: The Covid-pass is not mandatory to visit the museum.

However, you might be asked to provide a valid Covid-pass along with an ID from 9th August 2021. We are still waiting for more precise government directives.

The pass is not mandatory for now since our visitors number is limited to 49 people in the building at the same moment.

Please note the ongoing obligation to wear a mask and to observe preventative measures.

The Château Vodou is a unique museum, which houses the world’s largest private collection of West African vodou artefacts.
Every exhibit has been used as part of religious practices: ancestor worship, medicine, divination, witchcraft and other major life events.

Through an evocative display, visitors may discover a fascinating culture and a belief system that is still widely practiced today.
The museum’s collections originate in Ghana, Benin, Togo and Nigeria. Their mysteries are showcased in an exceptional location: a water tower from 1878.

The Strasbourg Château Vodou Museum offers a surprising experience

• Visitors discover a world of wonder

• They are introduced to a fascinating, living tradition through a collection of remarkable artefacts

The term “Vodou” is spelled “Vodoun” in Benin, “Vaudou” in Haiti, and “Voodoo” in Louisiana, where it is still practised. These different names reflect the different traditions that have developed locally. Today, specialists believe there are an estimated 200 million practitioners of Vodou worldwide, taking into account all the various traditions.

Temporary exhibition :

You will be able to visit the museum’s permanent exhibition as well as the temporary exhibition “Religious Magic and Sorcerer’s Powers” from Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

The temporary exhibition is available in French and German.

A private museum

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