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Temporary exhibition :

You will be able to visit the museum’s permanent exhibition as well as the temporary exhibition “Pirogues-Todjivu” 

from Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

December 2021 – october 2022

The temporary exhibition is available in French and German.


« Voodoo is mainly practiced in Benin, Togo, and to a lesser extent in Ghana and Nigeria. It is essentially practiced by the Adja, Fon, Yoruba, Ewé, Kabyé, Ouatchi, and Mina peoples, which are all coastal populations in the south of these countries.

Some Voodoo deities originate from the elements of nature, others are associated with certain animals, and yet others with ancestors.

For the temporary exhibition «Pirogues – Todjivu» we wanted to focus on these Voodoos** that have deeply marked the slave populations living in close proximity to water.

From these boats, we can recognize the symbolism of the vessels that transported the slaves, as well as the symbolism of the journey to the afterlife.

The Voodoo spirit Adjakpa, protector of aquatic life but also devourer of humans, symbolizes its presence incarnated by the figure of the crocodile. Tohossou and Abikou partly ensure the cycle of reincarnation of the dead. The symbolism of fetishes always translates the duality, protection/punishment of their power. Ultimately, these fetishes are, without a doubt, among those that best express the artistic and emotional quality of the art of Voodoo practitioners.

They are exceptionally rare. *(pirogues en langue fongbe)

** The word “vodou” refers to the whole Voodoo religion but also to the different gods of the invisible world. »

cp : Pascal Beck 

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